Table Tennis Games


Dates, Prices and Booking


Target Group and Prerequisites

During the table tennis game participants at all levels have the opportunity to organize themselves and play at the times and dates listed.

Content and Objectives

There is no technical training. The goal is simply to have fun. Depending on the players, singles or doubles will be played.


Organizational Information

Registration for Free Course Operation

Online registration for the individual dates, the so-called “Einzelterminbuchung” is compulsory for the free operation program in the “SecondTime”. A date is bookable 24 hours in advance. Single date bookings are only valid for the duration of the booked date.

Online Cancellation

Single date bookings in the free program must be cancelled online, should participation in the offer no longer be possible! Cancellations can be carried out up to 30 minutes before the start of the course, which can be signed up for up to the moment it starts.
The University Sports Center reserves the right to exclude participants from online registration, who repeatedly fail to turn up to booked, free courses, without cancelling their booking and thereby making the place available to somebody else. Places made available by cancellations can only be taken online. Please do not show up without prior booking.

Registration for Chargeable Course Operation

Offers in PrimeTime are chargeable and require registration. Booking takes place for all dates of the course period.


Links and Other Activities

You can find fellow players in our "Sportpartnerbörse," the sports partner exchange.


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