Volleyball Games


Target Group and Prerequisites

The supervised indoor volleyball games are targeted towards players of all skill levels. Volleyball games are offered on all weekdays.

Content and Objectives

No technical training takes place; these games are just about the fun of playing. The instructor will assign the players to the three courts at the beginning of the session. Set up and take down are completed together.

Organizational Information

Registration for Free Course Operation

Online registration for the individual dates, the so-called “Einzelterminbuchung” is compulsory for the free operation program in the “SecondTime”. A date is bookable 24 hours in advance. Single date bookings are only valid for the duration of the booked date.

Check In Before Playing

Before playing the booked unit, each participant must sign in with the instructor in order to be checked off on the participant list.
The instructor is available for check in 15 minutes before the unit begins inside the gym.
At Sporthalle Königshügel check in takes place in the stands. At Sporthalle Eckertweg participants must pass through the turnstyle and then sign in with the trainer in the front third of the gym.

Online Cancellation of Free Single-Date-Bookings

Free single date bookings must be cancelled online, should participation in the offer no longer be possible! Cancellations can be carried out up to 30 minutes before the start of the course. Registrations are accepted right up until the course begins.
The University Sports Center reserves the right to exclude participants from online registration, who repeatedly fail to turn up to booked, free courses, without cancelling their booking, thus preventing somebody else from participating. Places made available by cancellations can only be taken online. Please do not show up without prior booking.

Registration for Chargeable Course Operation

Offers in PrimeTime are chargeable and require registration. Dates in the relevant course period can be booked either all at once or one at a time. The booking option “All Dates” is available from the start of online booking for the course period and the booking option “Individual Date” is unlocked 24 hours before the start of the individual date.


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