Alpine Skiing

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The University Sports Center offers ski courses at different levels and with different focuses. The courses are taught by trained ski instructors and are held either at Snowworld Landgraaf or at various destinations in the Alps as part of the Extra Tour excursions.



Yannik Fischer






Uli Weber




Basic Information

Sports Facilities

Snowworld Landgraaf


Admission to the ski hall is 24.90 Euros for four hours and includes materials. Admission is paid at the ski hall. This special price is exclusively for all Aachen University Sports Center course participants.
If you are interested in a 1-month card, the costs are 100 Euros + 27,50 Euros for Material . Please book the 1-month card in advance to minmize the waiting time at the entrance. Its definitly worth for students who want to do some extra Trainings on their own.

Special Participation Requirements

Important: The course does not include the transportation to Snowworld Landgraaf.

For this reason will be a meeting on the first day of class at 6:30pm in the conference room of the University Sports Center. Be on time! We will offer you the possibility to arrange carpools at this meeting. If you have a car, please bring it with you. If some students are left because they couldn´t get a carpool, they have to organize transportation by themself via bus or taxi.
A reminder email with information will be sent about a week before the course begins.
The ski hall has a constant temperature of -5°C. We recommend wearing warm clothing, gloves, hats, and a helmet, particularly when using the fun park. All clothing can be rented or bought at SnowWorld.
If you do not have the proper equipment or clothing, affordable options are available at the Ski Fair in November.
If you book level 1 the first day of the course is an obligation, because we teach the basics, that can not be done again without interrupting the learn curve of the other students.

Links and Other Activities

If you aren't sure if a course is the right level for you, we recommend dropping by the SNOWSPORT Team meetings or sending an email with your concerns to .

We also offer two events during the winter semester, where you can try out your newly acquired skills. The Snowevent Landgraaf and the ALMA Snow Event take place at Snowworld Landgraaf just like the classes.

If you would like to go skiing for a longer period of time, take a look at our Extra Tour excursions.