Cross-Country Skiing

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Cross-country skiing in Aachen? If you know the city and its winter, that doesn't make sense at first glance. But to the south of Aachen you can find the High Fens, a plateau that is not only four times as large as Aachen but with up to 694 meters above sealevel is located 500 meters higher than Aachen. The average precipitation is also twice as high as in Aachen. Because the temperatures there are often 3 to 4 °C lower, it is possible that the city may have typical, gray, moist, grungy weather while there is snow on the High Fens. If there is more precipitation a decent amount of snow can collect so that the ski tracks can be groomed.



Uli Weber




Target Group and Prerequisites

Anyone can participate. No previous knowledge is required.

Content and Objectives

There is an introduction to classical cross-country skiing technique for beginners. The group's ability and aptitude and how the day is will determine whether we do a more sporty run or just glide comfortably through the fairytale winter landscape. No matter what, it will be a wonderful experience in nature.


There are numerous Belgian winter sports centers, where you can rent skis, shoes, and poles for about ten Euros a day. You should bring athletic clothing, gloves, a hat, and maybe a backpack.

Organizational Information

Transportation there and back will be organized with private carpools. Because the winter weather here is less reliable, the excursions to High Fens are planned spontaneously. If you are interested in getting further information, write a Mail to As soon as there are acceptable cross-country skiing conditions, joint cross-country skiing tours will be organized.