Aerial view of part of the Finnbahn Königshügel Copyright: © M2Brothers

The Finnbahn at Königshügel is made of a mineral base course, an interlayer made of sand, and a surface layer of woodchips. It also has a special drainage system specifically adapted to the ground. The entire route is 1,150 meters.


Rules of Conduct Corona Interim Program

Compliance with the Corona Rules of Conduct is compulsory for all participants of the interim program.



Roermonder Straße
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What is a Finnbahn?

A Finnbahn is a nearly natural and simultaneously urban sports facility for running, walking, and nordic walking. A "natural track" in a urban environment offers an alternative and supplemental offer to the competitve round track for short, mid-, and long distance running on an even, measured track. In contrast to the competitive tracks, which often seem boring and sterile, the Finnbahn offers a motivating walking and running experience and poses a challenge with its transition from straight, narrow, and wide curves and inclines and descents. This track is suitable for everyone, regardless if you use it as a training path or straightforward path for untrained beginners. The surface of the track, made out of natural materials, is both yielding and non-slip, making it gentle on your joints and tendons while running.

Characteristics of our Königshügel Finnbahn

The Finnbahn at Königshügel is combined with University Sports' other movement and sports facilities, changing rooms, lockers, and sanitary facilities. The facility is also located near Aachen's city center with sufficient parking and excellent public transportation nearby.


The Finnbahn's entire length is 1,150 meters. The track has three routes: "Stadionrunde," "Bergrunde," and "Chemierunde." These different routes can be combined to meet your running needs. The track is 1.60 meters wide and can only be run in a single direction. However you are allowed to run next to someone and pass other runners.

Quality and Technology

The Finnbahn on Königshügel is made of a mineral base course, a mid-layer of sand, and a surface layer of woodchips. It also has a special drainage system, specifically adapted to the ground. The drainage system prevents water from collecting and ice from forming, making it possible to use the track all year long in all weather conditions. Professor Thomas Heinrich and Holger Prümm from the Fachhochschule Osnabrück supervised the design, planning, construction, and routing, while ensuring that the layers were suitable for the location and for running comfort.

Use of the Königshügel Finnbahn

The Finnbahn on Königshügel can be used by anyone free of charge. If you are interested in supplementing your independent training by practicing your endurance skills and improving technique while under supervision, you can take a look at the University Sport Center's courses.

Operating Hours and Lighting

The floodlights are turned on based on daylight and time. They go on every day at 6am till daylight and are on from dusk till midnight.



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