Fitnesshalle 1 Königshügel

  Fitnesshalle 1 Copyright: HSZ Walter

Fitnesshalle 1 in the sports hall complex at Königshügel is an approximately 210 square meter multifunctional room.



Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 9
52074 Aachen

Building No. 2111

Opening Hours

Monday: 5 to 11pm
Tuesday: 3 to 11pm
Wednesday: 7am to 11pm
Thursday: 3 to 11pm
Friday: 3:30 to 11pm
Saturday: 2 to 8pm
Sunday: 2 to 9pm

Booking Plan

Booking Plan Fitnesshalle 1 Königshügel


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Access to Fitnesshalle 1 Königshügel

You can access Fitnesshalle 1 Königshügel through the sport complex's central entrance. Our friendly personnel are at the entrance to control access.

You should always carry your ID or permit allowing you to use the facility:

  • Your student or employee ID and a picture ID
  • Your guest card and a picture ID
  • For all courses and cards at a fee: your registration confirmation

Facility Closure

If you would like to be informed of last minute facility closures affecting the Fitnesshalle 1 Königshügel, please join the corresponding mailing list.