Outdoor Sports Facility Königshügel

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This sketch depicts the route from the entrance to the sports facilities and back.



Service Point


+49 241 80 24390





Servicepersonal Allwetterplatz


+49 151 12593247

Basic Information

Rules of Conduct Corona Interim Program

Compliance with the Corona Rules of Conduct is compulsory for all participants of the interim program.

Sports Facilities

The Soccerboxes and all-weather pitch are open. The outdoor fitness facility must unfortunately remain shut.

Entrance and Exit

Access to the sports areas takes place individually through a one-way system with an entrance over the running track to the checkpoint at the beach hut. Exit is via the delivery gate at the Professor-Pirlet-Straße entrance to the HSZ.

The exact route is available for download.

Access Authorization Checks

Participation is permitted only for authorized, registered participants.

Participation entitlement will be checked at the checkpoint of the beach sport facility. For this, a scanner has been affixed to the outside of the checkpoint.

Should waiting times briefly occur despite the organizational measures taken, the applied markings will inform you of the distances to be kept.

Please follow the relevant markings when leaving the sports facility after a course. Please maintain the required minimum distances when leaving and strictly follow the instructions of the staff.