Renting and Permits



If capacity permits, some of the University's sports facilities can be allocated to university groups for tournaments and sport festivals after prior registration. You can view whether or not facility is availabe in the respective booking plan online.
Permits are awarded for at least three hours. The natural grass field at Stadion Königshügel is an exception.
Permit applications must be submitted at least four weeks before the desired date to the Service Point of the University Sports Center. The application form must be filled out completely and signed.
Permits for the sports facilities are granted at a fee. You can see an overview of the fees under basic information.
You need a special permit to distribute food and beverages. You must submit a written request for this special permit.
After your applications have been received and reviewed you will receive a written confirmation or declination.



The University Sports Center offers two other possibilities to reserve the sports facilities aside from the permits. You can select between an individual date booking or a subscription. Both are for a fee.

A subscription allows you to regularly use the sports facilities for the duration of the semester or for a certain number of dates. The individual date booking is just for a single date.

Individual date bookings and subscriptions are available for the sports facilities named below.

Individual Date Booking Subscription
Allwetterplatz (entire space) Allwetterplatz (entire space)
Allwetterplatz (one third) Allwetterplatz (one third)
Beachvolleyballplatz Beachvolleyballplatz
Beachsportplatz Beachsportplatz
SOCCERBOX Königshügel SOCCERBOX Königshügel
Tennisplatz Sporthalle Königshügel