Badminton Level 1


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Target Group and Prerequisites

This course is targeted towards interested individuals with no playing and training experience or very limited experience from physical education class in school. We recommend participating regularly since course content is successive.


  • Introduction to badminton including the most important rules and principles of the game.
  • Fundamentals of the most important grip positions, racquet acclimitization, and feeling for the shuttlecock as well as zero positions, rotations, and basic tactics
  • Coordination exercises for movement patterns specific to badminton such as swing technique, lunges, running sideways, stepping to hit the shuttlecock, and jumping.
  • Basic elements of the game with forehand and backhand strokes, various ways to accept a serve and third and fourth strokes.
  • Stroke techniques such as forehand clear and drop as underhand and overhead stroke and forehand and backhand drives for flat play in front of the body. Other exercises serve to help with stroke and running certainty, where the focus is on high, far, and short play.

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