Badminton Level 2


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Target Group and Prerequisites

This course is targeted towards player, who possess the fundamentals from Level 1 or comparable courses and can play with the shuttlecock in a controlled and targeted manner. Increased interest in intensive movement is desirable.

Content and Objectives

  • To begin with, the principles of stroke and running technique and game technique from Level 1 will be briefly reviewed, to give everyone the same foundation. Some techniques such as backhand strokes with the malay step, smash, and playing on the net are advanced.
  • Focus is placed on promoting players' security when playing and in certain positions. They will further explore different tactics in singles, doubles, and mixed play. Different strokes and the reception of serves form the foundation for successful play.
  • Objectives include solidifying and expanding stroke skills, rounding out movement patters, and improving the ability to play. Numerous complex exercises will be practiced in small groups in order to automate processes and minimize one's own mistakes.

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