Badminton Level 3


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Target Group and Prerequisites

This course is targeted towards advanced players who, wherever, have already learned and can apply the contents of the Level 2 Course. The key requirement is the wish to play Badminton intensively, be that in singles, doubles or mixed form. This course is set up to enable sustained improvement in Badminton ability. If you're interested in Badminton and are looking for a physical challenge then this is the right course for you.

Content and Objectives

  • Exercises, Rituals: Laying the foundations to exercise the sport of Badminton while avoiding injury as best as possible.
  • Intensive Coordination Exercises:
  • Footwork in the 1 Step and 2 Step areas. Transport steps, routes for effective coverage of the court.
  • Forecourt stroke technique and route options: Cross-court and longline net shot with straight, diagonal, high or low point of contact with the ball
  • Midcourt stroke technique, controlling midcourt: Drive, Sticksmash. Midcourt routes and movement patterns.
  • Back-court backhand stroke technique, controlling backcourt: Backhand strokes as a kinetic chain, long line Drop, cross Drop, long line Clear. Building pressure from backcourt and routes.
  • Singles tactics and training: Half court, whole court, attack and defense. Accessibility of court areas and court coverage
  • Doubles introduction, tactics and training: Attack, defense, assignment of court areas. English Doubles, Badminton specific table-tennis doubles. Practical doubles training

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