Badminton Games


During regular operation, participants have two options, depending on the time and day of the week: Either, they can play in a self-organised manner or under supervision. Online booking is always required.


Dates and Booking

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Target Group and Prerequisites

The games in the sports hall are suitable for players of all proficiency levels. Due to the high demand, the evening and weekend offers are supervised.The Königshügel sports hall has a capacity of 32 participants and the Eckertweg sports hall has a capacity of 24.

Content and Objectives

Technique training is not offered. The goal is simply to have fun. At the beginning of the evening and weekend offers the trainers take care of the "Check in" and the distribution of the players on the respective fields, during the other offers without supervision, participants organize the rotation on the fields amongst themselves. Depending on the number of players, participants will either play singles or doubles.


Material such as shuttlecocks and rackets have to be brought. Nets are to be set up and taken down by the participants. Use of music is not permitted as it may be distrubing to other participants.

Organizational Information

Check In Before Playing

Before playing the booked unit, each participant must sign in with the instructor in order to be checked off on the participant list.
The instructor is available for check in 15 minutes before the unit begins inside the gym.
At Sporthalle Königshügel check in takes place in the stands. At Sporthalle Eckertweg participants must pass through the turnstyle and then sign in with the trainer in the front third of the gym.

Registration for Chargeable Course Operation

Dates in the relevant course period can be booked either all at once or one at a time. The booking option “All Dates” is available from the start of online booking for the course period and the booking option “Individual Date” is unlocked 24 hours before the start of the individual date.

Links and other activities

Our "Sportpartnerbörse," or sports partner exchange helps you to look for and find badminton partners.


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