Basketball Level 2


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Target Group and Prerequisites

Interested individuals with little playing or training experience, who have more or less mastered the fundamental basketball techniques from Level 1, and who are aware of the tactical fundamentals 1-to-1 defense, positioning, and the basic position.

Because the class content is successive, we recommend that you regularly attend.

Content and Objectives

  • Technical and tactical elements and game rules will be advanced and expanded to include other important elements.
  • Exercises and more complex game forms to improve basic techniques and expand skills to include individual, fundamental elements:
  • Dribbling with the left and right hand and in distress, body swerves
  • Passing with one and two hands, chest, overhead and bounce passes
  • Layups with the stronger and weaker hand, reverse layups, power moves, layups from a running approach without dribbling, rebounding, 1:1 offense and defense skills.
  • Fundamental group and team tactical skills for offensive and defensive play:
  • Running freely/clearing, blocking/screnning, active pick and roll, passive in and out, give and go, fast break, offense and defense in outnumbered and shorthanded play, advancing 1-to-1 defense, and introduction to zone defense
  • Training fitness specific to basketball: core strength, coodination, endurance, speed, muscular endurance, and jumping power

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