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Offer and Booking

If you want to regularly play beach volleyball with friends without having to deal with waiting times or organize a new time each time you want to play, you can subscribe to rent one of the beach volleyball courts.
A beach volleyball subscription includes 20 dates of 60 minutes each.
Booking takes place online and the fee is paid by direct debit just like all other courses.

We wish to inform subscribers of the seasonal changes in daylight hours and that the beach sport facility is not lit. In this context, booking changes are not possible. We ask subscribers to consider this when choosing times.

Target Group and Prerequisites

Only members of the University may book the court. The beach court subscription is offered for a fee. The beach volleyball card is not required for the beach volleyball court subscription.


  • Your booking is binding! To cancel, you must submit the cancellation in writing via email so the HSZ Service Point can process it.
  • If the HSZ needs to cancel dates, for example due to inclimate weather, special events, or repairs, you are not principally entitled to substitute dates. The fee will not be refunded. Instead the Service Point will call the subscriber to arrange a substitute date. Substitute dates must be booked within the season in which the subscription is valid.

    In the event of a blockage and cancellation of your reserved subscription hour, we ask you to promptly book a catch-up appointment as a single appointment booking within your subscription period. Please contact the Service Point immediately after booking a single appointment so that the amount can be set to zero EUR by us and thus nothing will be debited from your account.

  • Please refer to the detailed regulations on this subject in our Conditions of Participation.

Organizational Information

You must adhere to the beach facility terms of use!


Beach Volleyball Court - Subscription

Day Time Cost per Court and Season
Monday to Friday 2:30 to 4:30pm 200 Euros
Monday to Friday 4:30 to 9:30pm 275 Euros
Saturday and Sunday 2:30pm until close 275 Euros

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