Body Workout Pump


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Target Group and Prerequisites

This offer is targeted towards women and men at all levels of fitness, with or without previous Body Workout experience. Participants without previous Body Workout Pump or group dumbbell training are required to come to the first class, during which participants receive a detailed introduction to the correct and healthy handling of dumbbells.

Content and Objectives

Body Workout Pump focuses on training with a dumbbell. The primary feature is a high number of repetitions with low, individually-variable weight, which leads to an improvement in muscular endurance.

Over the course of many weeks the various muscle groups are challenged through the same exercises, so that participants have the possibility to begin at their own fitness level and increase it through an improvement to their technique and an increase in weight. This total body training increases muscular endurance, shapes muscles, promotes fat burning, prepares the body for everyday challenges. Enough reasons to start now and get inspired by cool music and motivating instructors.

Organizational Information

The schedule begins with a detailed introduction to training with dumbbells. You must come to the first class so that you can begin to work out the second week.


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