Boxing Glove Rental


Target Group and Requirements

Participants in the budo and martial arts courses, who have booked a current course.

Organizational Information

Participants of the budo and martial arts courses can borrow boxing gloves from the beginning of the semester for the current period. This requires the booking of the course "Boxing Glove Deposit" for 20 euros and the booking of the course "Boxing Glove Rental Fee" for 5 Euros. You can get the boxing gloves after making an appointment by phone at the Service Point of the HSZ. Please bring a photo ID with you to pick them up. The borrowing person is responsible for the boxing gloves during the borrowing period. The boxing gloves must be returned to the HSZ Service Point during the last week of the respective period. The HSZ reserves the right to collect part or all of the deposit in the case of damage or loss. With the booking of this course, the rental conditions are accepted.


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