Cheerleading Level 1


Target Group and Requirements

This course is open to everybody, regardless of prior experience. Body tension, body awareness and a sense of balance are welcome but not required, as they will be trained during the course. In this course, you must choose at registration whether you wish to participate as a base, meaning that you stand below and lift, or flyer, where you are lifted and thrown. If you should have any questions, please contact the representatives by email.

Content and Objectives

The course will teach the basics of group stunting, in which 4 to 5 people perform acrobatic lifts, whereby 3 to4 act as “Bases” and lift the “Flyer”. The aim is to learn the basics of cheerleading. This is a good entry-level course for everybody who wishes to give cheerleading a go.


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  • Basic Information

    Please pay attention to the important information about the sports facilities, materials, and prerequisites.