Cheerleading Level 3


Target Group and Requirements

This course is intended for athletes with substantial cheerleading experience. Due to the advanced level of the stunts that are learned in this course, it is expected that bases as well as flyers are expected to confidently perform the following stunts:

  • All the way up the block
  • Liberty
  • Baskets
  • Quick-Toss
  • Half Up

In this course, you must choose at registration whether you wish to participate as a base, meaning that you stand below and lift, or flyer, where you are lifted and thrown. If you should have any questions, please contact the representatives by email. The trainers and representatives are also available to answer any questions regarding prior experience.

Content and Goals

Here, the fundamentals will be built on and advanced group stunts like, for example, Full-Ups, Full-Arounds or Round-Offs will be learned. Additionally, stunts will increasingly be trained in the two-base configuration. Form the beginning, jumps and tumbling will be taught each week alternatingly.


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