Cheerleading Level 2


Target Group and Requirements

This class is for anyone who comes to cheerleading with a quarter of Lvl1 or Uni-Cup experience. The division whether base, which means you stand down and lift, or flyer, you are lifted or thrown, will be divided dynamically, so that depending on attendance is divided and the groups change from training to training. If there are any questions, please contact the trainers per mail.

Content and Objectives

The so-called group stuntings are trained, as well as introductory two-base and partner stunting. Group stunting means that 4-5 people perform acrobatic lifting figures, with 3-4 people as "bases" lifting a "flyer". In two-base and partner stunting, there are fewer people under the lifting figure. Here the goal is to learn more and advanced stunts and to gain experience in more difficult stunts.


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