Fascia Training: Focus on Mobility

  Athlete lies with bent legs on a fascia roller Copyright: © HSZ

Fascia training with a focus on mobility is a targeted workout to enhance the properties of the muscular connective tissue, or fascia, to reduce tension and pain to improve mobility.


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Target group and Requirements

The course is open to all levels. Special previous knowledge is not required.

In the case of the following physical limitations, fascia training should only be performed with extreme caution and only after consultation with a physician: osteoporosis, acute disc damage, acute inflammation, thrombosis, high blood pressure, soft tissue rheumatism, fibromyalgia, cancer/metastasis.

Contents and Goals

Fascia training is aimed at everyone, athletes and non-athletes of all ages, who would like to get to know and assess their bodies in a new way. Here we work with different materials, especially with a fascia roll (Blackroll).

Joint and organ capsules, tendon plates, muscle septa, ligaments, tendons, and "the actual fascia", in the form of flat solid connective tissue layers, all belong to the collagenous connective tissue and thus to the all-encompassing concept of fascia. Just like the muscles, they require different and regular training stimuli. In the course, participants are given the tools to improve their mobility and quality of movement through regular and targeted training in everyday life and, for example, to reduce tension and pain caused by constant sitting.


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