Core Training Level 1-2


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TRX Suspension Training provides a complex workout with your own body weight that integrates movement patterns specific to everyday life and sports. The focus of the course is on the body's core. In addition to the athletic ambitions, fun and the joint achievement of goals is a core element of the course. Due to the very good proportioning of the exercises, the course is suitable for every fitness level.

Contents and Goals

  • Group training with the TRX Suspension Trainer and many additional equipment
  • Trying, learning, and practicing new exercises in the group
  • Shifting the individual performance limit
  • Optimization of physical competence

Special Features

An RWTH Gym eligibility card is not required for participation in this course.

Borrow TRX® Suspension Trainer

You are entitled to borrow a TRX Suspension Trainer for indoor training free of charge outside of the course times against pledged items, such as an ID card.


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