Fitness Training Cards


Dates and Booking

A requirement for booking is participation in an introductory course or lateral entry course.


Important requirement

A requirement for booking a fitness training card is participation in an introductory course or lateral entry course.

The fitness training cards are valid from the first date of the chosen time period. The start date must be set manually during booking.

Different Fitness Training Cards

Basically, you can choose between a normal fitness training card, which is valid during opening hours, or an early training card. Large sums are charged in installments. Please view the table below for more information.

Fitness Training Card 12 months 199 Euros in two installments
Fitness Training Card 6 months 109 Euros
Fitness Training Card 3 months 73 Euros

Fitness Training Card

1 month 36 Euros
Early Training Card 12 months 145 Euros in two installments
Early Training Card 6 months 75 Euros
Early Training Card 3 months 55 Euros

The training times for the early trainng card are restricted to the following times within the opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7am to 4pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 10am to 4pm

Saturday, Sunday: all day

The last check in with the early training card for open training at the RWTH GYM is 3pm. You cannot train with the early training card during special opening hours on holidays.


Authorization Card

After completing the introductory class of a course participants will receive an authorization card. This card is laminated to the back of the booked fitness training card and given to the individual. Please always keep your last card to provide documentation of your authorization. When you rebook the fitness training card, bring your authorization card to the first training.


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