Lateral Entry Courses


Dates, Prices, and Booking


Target Group and Requirements

This course is targeted toward anyone, who wants to attain the authorization card for open training at the RWTH GYM and can provide documentation of at least six months of training experience.

Contents and Goals

In this course, you learn a number of basic exercises addressing endurance, strength, and mobility. The individual training plan is completed with theoretical and practical components, offering a foundation for at least 12 weeks of training.


There are two options for registering for the lateral entry course:
Courses are password protected due to the verification of at least six months of training experience in a gym.

Option 1

Registration via
To register, please send us a certificate e.g. old contract and the desired course number of the lateral entry course. After verification, we will send you the corresponding password for registration.

Option 2

On-site booking at RWTH GYM on Mondays to Thursdays from 5pm to 9pm
For on-site registration, the certificate e.g. old contract must be shown and sent to the . After verification of the certificate, the booking will be activated.


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