Flag-Football Level 1


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Target Group and Prerequisites

This course is targeted towards those interested in being introduced to American football or who just want to have fun with the variety flag football offers. Flag football is the contact-free type of American football. The objective the game is the same, to gain yardage by passing and running and to get the ball in the opponent's endzone. Two teams, each with five players, play on an approximately 60 x 30 meter field. Because the sport doesn't allow contact, the game focuses on speed and passes, which requires players to have coordination, speed, and an overview of the game. Flag football can also be played by both genders in mixed teams without a problem since contact is not allowed.

Content and Objectives

The basic of offense and defense are taught in the flag football course. This especially includes how to correctly throw and catch the ball and how to run in routes. The primary job of the defense is to defend the ball carrier and stop the opponent from pulling a flag. At the end of the course participants are able to independently able to play a game after being given a play.


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