Women's Soccer Level 3


Dates, Prices and Booking


Target Group and Requirements

This course is targeted towards advanced players with many years of experience playing in a club or on hobby and recreational teams. Players, who only have experience from physical education class in school, are recommended to take Level 1 to 2. Participation is only possible after speaking with the . Booking is password protected.

Content and Goals

  • Technical improvement and expansion of basic technique for accepting and guiding the ball
  • Skills for guiding the ball, passing, and kicking technique are solidified and fine-tuned
  • Improvement of dual tackle behavior with and without the ball and positional play
  • Train soccer-specific fitness including endurance, speed, coordination, and mobility.

The theoretical component is supplemented with various forms of play in doors, on the small pitch, and on the large pitch. Participation in different tournaments such as the RWTH FH SPORTS DAY and Eurokonstanzia is also planned.


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