SOCCERBOX Soccer Games


4 on 4 football – be prepared to see each team's bag of tricks. Cagesoccer is about the fun of playing and creativity. The game on a closed court in a close space with fast-paced plays requires constant switching between offensive and defensive play. Skill and good technique are required. Participants can individually register for games. Our course instructor will then form the teams.


Dates, Prices and Booking


Organizational Information

Target Group and Prerequisites

Based on the number of participants and their needs, games will be simultaneously offered on all three courts. The games are open to players of all skill levels and who have fun in fast-paced and fair games. An instructor ensures games run smoothly. A maximum of 27 people per course are allowed.

Content and Objectives

No technical training takes place; these games are just about the fun of playing. The instructor assigns players to the three courts and coordinates court changes. We recommend independently warming up before the course on the nearby track or Finnbahn. Each course includes ten dates. Courses are not held on public holidays.


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