Soccer SOCCERBOX - Individual Date Booking



Service Point


+49 241 80 24390



Offer and Booking

You can book the SOCCERBOX courts by the hour for self-organized games in self-organized teams. Individual dates are booked online, and you pay via direct withdrawal, just like for the other courses. You can book up to seven days in advance. Once one unit has ended, the next opens.

Target Group and Prerequisites

Courts can only be booked by members of the University. SOCCERBOX individual date bookings are for a fee.


  • Your booking is binding! To cancel, you must submit the cancellation in writing via email so the HSZ Service Point can process it.
  • Please refer to the detailed regulations on this subject in our Conditions of Participation.

Organizational Information

Please adhere to the terms of use for the SOCCERBOX Königshügel!


Day Time Cost per Hour
From October 16 to April 2
Monday to Friday 4:30pm to close 22 Euros

Day Time Cost per Hour
From April 3 to October 15
Monday to Friday 2:30 to 4:30pm 18 Euros
Monday to Friday 4:30pm to close 26 Euros
Saturday and Sunday 2:30pm to close 26 Euros

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