Hip Hop Urban Dance


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Target Group and Prerequisites

This course is targeted towards participants, who have absolutely no experience but also towards those with years of dance experience. All skill levels will be addressed. Urban dance contains all dance styles that are not classically taught at a dance school and originate more on the street.

Content and Objectives

This course focuses less on learning entire choregraphies. Participants learn basic skills to improve their feeling for their body and understanding of urban dance. The class promotes the development of one's own dance style.

  • Basic Principles: Dance steps from a standing position
  • Basics of C-walk: Cripwalk & Clownwalk
  • Basics of Sliding: Moonwalk, float, glide, slide
  • Basics of Tutting: Inside tutting, finger tutting
  • Basics of Locking: Skeeter Rabbitt, Scooby Doo, Uncle Sam
  • Basics of Waving: Armwave, bodywave, combinations and direction changes
  • Basics of Popping: Short and impulsive movements
  • Basics of Krumping: Stomps, chestpops, armwings, and groundmoves

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