Shotokan Karate Levels 2 to 3


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Target Group and Requirements

This course is targeted at everyone who wants to learn karate as a martial art and has secure command over the test program up to and including the yellow belt, the 8. Kyu. Karateka from different schools or with advanced experience of a similar martial art are equally welcome. As the taught movement principles are independent of age and gender, pure muscle strength and flexibility only play a subordinate role. Those with past injury or illness or preexisting conditions of the musculoskeletal system should consult the course instructor ahead of participating the course. As the content of the course builds on itself, regular participation is required. Late entry into the course is possible, but should, with consideration for the progress of the course and of the other course participants, first be discussed with the course instructor.

Content and Goals

Training begins and ends with a short meditation. This is followed by a warm-up and preparatory exercises, including joint mobilization, muscle activation and awareness exercises. The aim of the Level 2-3 course is to introduce participants to the principles behind the forms. Next to the remaining Kihongata, more of the 27 Kata belonging to the Shōtōkan curriculum will be taught according to the current emphasis of the course.


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