Belay Device Course


Target Group and Requirements

This course is aimed at all those who have already visited a safety briefing and gathered first experiences while climbing.

Content and Goals

Grigri, Smart, MegaJoul, HMS, etc. The range of different belay devices is immense. In this course, you’ll learn the proper handling of different belays. We’ll begin by belaying with the Tube. Afterwards, you’ll have the opportunity to try out different belays. Next to the practical instruction, we’ll also be going into the advantages and disadvantages of different belay devices. The goal is to master the new belay device in top rope.


The course takes place in the Tivoli Climbing Hall. Additionally, to the course fee, participants must pay the entry fee to the climbing hall (8€ per session, including harness, shoes and belay). If you have your own belay device, with which you wish to learn to belay, then bring in to the first session.