Running Group Levels 3-4


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Target Group and Requirements

This course is targeted towards runners who are passionate about running and want to share this passion with like-minded people.

The basic requirement for participation is the ability to run at least 10 km continuously at an average pace of 10 km/h (pace: 6:00 min/km).

The running route consists of a large lap in the woods – a break-off or early return is possible in case of emergency, but can be complicated to pull off.

Contents and Goals

Depending on the daily conditions, you can run in a faster or slower group.
We will start in the direction of the Aachen forest. There we will run a large complete lap of about 10-13 km together. If you have too much energy, you can of course speed up at the hills and do a little extra lap.

During the run, you will have the opportunity to get to know other runners as well as the Aachen forest as a running environment and to arrange to run together beyond this meeting.


Sign-up is required for the running group.

Meeting Point

The meeting point is in the parking lot at the traffic circle in front of Hangeweiher Park.

Corner of Herman-Löns-Allee/Aachener- und Münchener Allee

(coordinates: 50.76186002967323, 6.073496538051397)

There are no changing rooms or showers available. So please arrive there dressed in sportswear already.

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Links and Further Activities

If you want to participate in a big running event, you can register for the RWTH Campuslauf. This event offers two different course lengths and also a relay race. Alternatively, the Lousberglauf takes place in July.

If you would rather look behind the scenes at the running events and organize the event with a dedicated team, then feel free to sign up as a volunteer.


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