Team Tempo Training


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Target Group and Requirements

This course is aimed at runners of all ages with previous experience.

Contents and Goals

If you want to run faster and increase your endurance at higher running speeds, then this is the right course you. Because the best way to run faster is to run quickly - and frequently!

That is the core concept of the course. The emphasis will be on the regular completion of an interval training, that can be adapted in form and intensity to suit the individual.

The second important aspect of this course is the fact, that the intervals are run together with other people, increasing the motivation to run quickly. Over the duration of the course different Tempo-Teams will thereby be formed.


Meeting point

The meeting point is on the grandstand at the 400 Meter Track Königshügel. Please wear sportswear and running shoes already at the first session. The changing rooms can only be used to a limited extent. Regular participation is recommended.

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