Trail Running


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Target Group and Requirements

This running course is aimed at all runners who wish to leave the wide roads and tracks and want to start or get more secure at running on small forest paths.

The course requires that you have already gained some running experience, for example through the running courses Level 1 and 2 and that you can run for at least 45 minutes at a time.

Contents and Goals

At the center of the course program is the safe running on small paths and the joy of running in nature. For this, we will also train steady footing and stability. As we will be running during the darker months, we will also be training running with a headlamp. Additionally, the course includes important information and advice on running on small paths in nature, including, for example, the basics of breathing and running techniques, pathfinding and orientation, nutrition and equipment.


A headlamp of at least 120 Lumen is required for participation. There is a limited number of headlamps, therefore, not for all participants, that can be borrowed for a course period . The loan is made by the instructor during the course hours.


The meeting point is the Park & Ride parking lot at Westfriedhof. Please arrive dressed in sportswear and running shoes. There are no changing and shower facilities available at the meeting point. Regular participation in the course is recommended.


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