Running and Strengthening Training


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Target Group and Requirements

The course is designed for runners who already have some experience in running and want to make running healthier through strength training in addition to the cardiovascular training aspect.

Contents and Goals

Targeted strength training is part of almost every sport today. Each exercise session begins with a 30- to 40-minute running session on different running paths around the Königshügel. In the second part of the course, the muscles required for endurance sports are strengthened using the participants' own body weight and various equipment, and a higher level of muscle performance is achieved. Special exercises address muscle groups overlooked during running to improve core stability and, thus, posture and movement technique. In general strength training, attention is paid to intermuscular coordination, which stands for stable muscles and, thus, for dynamic, harmonious, and powerful movement sequences, and, therefore, also incidentally protects from injuries. Inserted exercises to improve balance and fascia training complete the course.


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