Functional Training


Functional Training is primarily oriented towards activating entire muscles groups and muscular functional units. Not only strength and endurance are improved through the use of complex movement patterns, but also the individual quality of movement is improved. The integration of high-quality additional equipment turns the course into an extraordinary fitness experience.


Dates, Prices and Booking


Content and Goals

Circuit training incorporating athletic movement patterns to promote strength endurance and movement quality. The use of various equipment (medballs, kettlebells, battle ropes....) makes the workout effective and versatile. Recurring, standardized workouts make training success measurable. Working out together in a group motivates and helps to overcome one's own limits.


We always train outdoors. Please bring weather-appropriate sportswear, a clean towel, and plenty to drink.

Course Cancellations and Facility Closures

Due to the special circumstances of the outdoor interim program, we will inform you of short-notice course cancellations and facilities closures affecting this course, particularly weather-related ones, by email.


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