Road Cycling Course Level 1


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Target Group and Requirements

This course is aimed at beginners. You must bring a fully functional road bike and be able to cycle with it (Brakes, switching gears, etc.)
The Level 1 course will not be offered in the second course period. Instead, a Racing Bike Meetup Level 1-2 will be offered.

Contents and Goals

The course focuses on teaching and improving technique, such as the correct sitting position, braking maneuvers in critical situations, riding corners, riding in a group, slipstreaming, out-of-saddle riding and small repairs. The focus is placed on the gradual improvement of cycling stamina. We will start with ca. 30km long routes with 300m of elevation. By the end of the course, we’ll be able to overcome around 900m of elevation over ca. 70km. The pace is determined by the participants. The routes are rural, scenic and low in traffic. Regular participation from the beginning of the course is recommended. A change into a different group is possible depending on your level of training or course capacity.


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