SUP Stand Up Paddling Semester Card


Dates and Booking


Rules of Conduct Corona Interim Program

Compliance with the Corona Rules of Conduct is compulsory for all participants of the interim program.

Sports Facility

Water Sports Facility Wildenhof

Special regulations apply to the use of the sports facility in accordance with the corona decree.

Target Group and Requirements

University students and employees can borrow SUP boards at Wildenhof on the Rursee. After completing the SUP course, participants will receive the University SUP permit, allowing them to borrow boards. After stamping the SUP Permit in the HSZ office you are ready to go. Permit holders can renew the card for another season for 15 Euros.

Access to the Wildenhof is only permitted to sportspeople who have booked sport course or have a single date booking in addition to their sports authorization card, as the total number of people present per day is limited, so that infections can be tracked in case of emergency. We ask all athletes to leave the water sports facility as quickly as possible after completion of their sporting activity.

Borrowing Conditions

HSZ courses and events are given priority when borrowing.
Before use of the equipment, you must register with the administration at the Wildenhof and present your valid, stamped SUP Card.
All materials must be completely returned to the designated racks after you have finished.

Course Cancellations and Facility Closures

Due to the special circumstances of the outdoor interim program, we will inform you of short-notice course cancellations and facilities closures, especially weather-related ones, affecting this course by email.


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