Wakeboarding Workshop


Dates, Prices and Booking


Target Group and Requirements

You do not need previous knowledge for this course. Students and members of the University are eligible to participate.

Content and Objectives

At the wakeboarding facility, you will first learn how to set off with the wakeboard. Through the use of a Two Tower Cable system for the workshop, the course instructor and facility operator can respond very individually to your needs during your first few wakeboarding sessions.

  • The speed is adapted to each individual user.
  • 1:1 support for optimal learning, fun and safety.
  • Water starts are possible immediately and everywhere, thereby guaranteeing maximum enjoymentand learning success.
  • On the two-tower system, you do not need to look out for empty lines or other riders.

Group size is limited to 6 people, in order to allow a good practice density.

Overview of services:

  • Individual support on site
  • Reduced equipment rental
  • Organization of carpooling opportunities

Further Information

In conclusion to the workshop, if learning progress has been good, you can transition to and carry on riding on the full size cable in the Wakeboarding Meet-Up. This offer is available at a discounted rate: 1 hour 16 €, 2 hours 20 €. Our course instructors will also support you with tips and advice after you’ve transitioned to the full size cable.


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