Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Dates, Prices and Booking

Level 1 to 2


Dates, Prices and Booking

Level 2


Target Group and Prerequisites

The Level 1 to 2 yoga courses are suitable for anyone who wants to try yoga or has already experience. Personal fitness and past sports experience are not important.

The Level 2 to 3 yoga courses are targeted towards those who have past yoga experience and knowledge about the interplay between breathing, setting up a pose, and holding an individual yoga pose.

Power yoga is an extremely intensive yoga and is suitable for those who are looking for a sportive challenge.

Content and Objectives

Vinyasa flow is a dynamic style of yoga, in which movement and breathing come together to a flowing experience. The focus of vinyasa yoga is the poses or asanas. They are both physically and mentally demanding and heighten our concentration and awareness. Tension and relaxation, fun and sweat, and a clear mind and free spirit are guaranteed.

In level 1 course the objective is to learn the principles of yoga, that is the different yoga poses in combination with consistent, deep breathing, and to increase overall wellbeing. The alternation between exercise and relaxation phases allow for a soft start and entry into yoga practice. In level 2 courses the complexity and intensity of yoga exercises is increased and the focus lays on the appropriate breathing technique. The most intensive form is Power yoga. Here small equipment like hand weights can be used to advance or intensify an exercise.


An own yoga mat is required, as the HSZ is unable to provide sports equipment for the interim program.


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