three men playing spikeball Copyright: © HSZ

The new trend sport at the University Sports Center – a dynamic game around a circular net. In Spikeball two teams of two players each compete against each other and try to hit the ball into the net in such a way that the opponents can’t get to it. In the winter training takes place in the sports hall and during the summer on the beach sport facility. 



Matias Bermejo Pasetti-Bombardella




Rules of Conduct Corona Interim Program

Compliance with the Corona Rules of Conduct is compulsory for all participants of the interim program.

Sports Facilities

Naturrasenplatz Königshügel

Special regulations apply to the use of the sports facility in accordance with the corona decree.

Target Group and Requirements

The course is aimed at everybody with little or no prior game or training experience.

Content and Goals

Fundamental techniques and the general rules and game procedures will be taught through exercises and small field games. At the end of the course participants will have the opportunity to maintain continuous game flow.


Shoes with cleats are recommended.


Course Cancellations and Facility Closures

If you would like to be informed of last minute course cancellations and facility closures affecting this course, please join the corresponding mailing list.

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