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The University Sports Center offers snowboarding classes for different levels of ability and with different focuses. Courses are taught by trained snowboarding instructors and are held either at Snowworld Landgraaf or during extra tours to various destinations in the Alps.



Robin Haas






Cord Dassler

Certified Sports Teacher



Basic Information

Rules of Conduct Corona Interim Program

Compliance with the Corona Rules of Conduct is compulsory for all participants of the interim program. Special regulations apply to the use of the sports facility in accordance with the corona decree.

Sports Facilities

Snowworld Landgraaf


The ski hall entrance fee of 24.95 euros for four hours including equipment per session is paid on site. These special prices are exclusively valid for all course participants of the University Sports Aachen.

Also this year, we can make you a special offer. Instead of having to buy a single ticket for 24,95 euros for each session, you can now buy a 5-session-ticket including equipment for 124,75 euros for the whole course period. The 5-session ticket can be bought on day 1 at SnowWorld Landgraaf and is only valid on the respective weekdays (Tue or Thu). This special ticket will only be available for participants of the RWTH Aachen skiing and snowboarding courses for the duration of the course.

Special Participation Requirements

Important: The course does not include the transportation to Snowworld Landgraaf.

Due to the current Corona situation, this year there will be no meeting before the first day of the course. All important information will be sent to you by e-mail beforehand.

Approximately one week before the course starts, you will receive a reminder email with the latest information.
The ski hall has a permanent temperature of -5°C. Therefore, warm clothing, gloves, a warm hat, and a helmet are useful (especially when using the fun park). They can be rented or purchased at SnowWorld.

Starting the Level 1 course at another time than on the first session is only possible with agreement of the instructor since basic experience is taught and this can not be repeated in consideration of other participants.

Links and Other Activities

If you aren't sure if a course is the right level for you, we recommend dropping by the SNOWSPORT Team meetings or sending an email with your concerns to .

In addition, we offer two winter sports events in the winter semester where you can directly try out your newly learned skills. Just like the courses, the Snowevent Landgraaf and the ALMA Snowevent take place in the Snowworld Landgraaf.