Open Mat

Notes regarding the interim sports hall

We kindly ask for your understanding that due to the extraordinary temporary interim situation, the usual room climate cannot always be guaranteed.


Basic Information

Sports Facilities


Target Group and Requirements

This event is aimed at all participants of courses in the areas of Budo and the martial arts.

Contents and Goals

During the “Open Mat” those interested are invited to train in a self-organized manner, regardless of sport. This class provides the opportunity to widen ones horizon. Participants can engage in cross-sport exchanges in addition to training their own techniques.


All used materials must be put back in the proper place independently by all participants after the course unit.


The interim budo hall may only be entered barefoot or with stockings!

Course Cancellations and Sports Facility Closures

If you would like to be informed in the future about short-term course cancelations and sports facility closures of this sports class, please subscribe to the corresponding mailing list.