Daily Relaxation Techniques



Uwe Bollmann




Target Group and Prerequisites

This offer is targeted towards students and staff looking for ways to relax in order to approach daily stressful situations more calmly.

Content and Objectives

This offer is targeted towards students and staff looking for ways to relax and to master daily stressful situations.

Student’s life and working life are often found to be stressful: exams and work orders are pending, we feel pressured, interpersonal conflicts may develop, and free time for ourselves is often lacking. There is no time to slow down; instead we often speed up. In this course participants learn different techniques to apply to difficult daily situations in order to find a harmonious life balance and solutions. The course is completed with yoga elements.

The techniques are like a tool box, which you can reach into, pulling out the tool appropriate for the situation and need. The course also allows time for yourself, to find your own approach to relaxation and peace.

The following techniques will be taught: inner journeys, focusing on inner or external pictures, breathing techniques, affirmations and meditation.


Please bring a notepad and pen, warm socks and comfortable clothing.


Basic Information

Sports Facilities

Sport- und Seminarraum, Gymnastikraum Ahornstraße


Please bring comfortable clothing, warm socks, and a blanket.

Course Cancellations and Facility Closures

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