Exercise in the Nature - Walking and more

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Walking is an offer that makes the connection between hiking and running. A rhythmic and active use of arms and a higher step frequency make the difference. Walking is a gentle endurance sport that is easy on the joints and strengthens the cardiovascular system.



Elke Bernhard




Basic Information

Sports Facilities

The offer takes place at different locations in Aachen, among others in the Kurpark Aachen.


We recommend wearing comfortable running shoes and suitable clothing for all weather conditions.

Target Group and Requirements

The Walking offer is aimed at all those people who want to start regular exercise and are looking for a sensible form of exercise for leisure and health.

People with handicaps are welcome.

Contents and Goals

After starting, the aim is an individual increase in performance. The offer is supplemented by coordination and stabilization exercises as well as specific functional gymnastics to improve mobility. Training equipment is available on site, such as benches, etc.


Meeting Point on the First Session

The meeting point on the first session is at the "Neues Kurhaus" in the Kurpark Aachen. After that the training locations can vary. The meeting point for the next course unit will be announced at the end of each course unit. Please wear sportswear and running shoes at the first appointment, there is no possibility to change clothes on site. Regular participation is recommended.