Mental Training


Dates, Prices and Booking


Rules of Conduct Corona Interim Program

Compliance with the Corona Rules of Conduct is compulsory for all participants of the interim program.

Sports Facility

Beach Facility, Sports Center Königshügel, Mies-van-der-Rohe Str. 3, 52074 Aachen.

Target Group and Requirements

The course is aimed at all those who wish to improve concentration while studying, improve their performance in sport, banish their fears or work on their personality.

Mental training is a promising tool for anyone who wishes to develop their personality.

Content and Goals

In mental training we gain access to our subconscious. Relaxation and visualization techniques aid us in reaching a more receptive state of consciousness. Here the different areas of our brain interact differently than in our everyday mind. The critical filters of one’s rational mind is switched off, allowing one’s brain to learn new abilities automatically and with ease. Furthermore, this state enables us to tackle and overcome blockages and problems on a deeper, emotional level.


Due to the current circumstances the HSZ is unable to provide any equipment. You must bring your own mat.

Course Cancellations and Facility Closures

Due to the special circumstances of the outdoor interim program, we will inform you of short-notice course cancellations and facilities closures, especially weather-related ones, affecting this course by email.