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Due to the circumstances of the Corona crisis the offer is limited, in compliance with the safety measures, to two people per court on four courts. This offer to use a tennis court of RWTH Aachen University is subject to prior online single-date booking for 60 minute units and limited to university members! Due to organisational reasons, subscriptions and open operations with the tennis card and courses are currently unavailable.



Linus Küberling






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Basic Information

Rules of Conduct Corona Interim Program

Compliance with the Corona Rules of Conduct is compulsory for all participants of the interim program.

Sports Facility

Tennis Facility RWTH Aachen, Professor-Pirlet-Straße, 52074 Aachen

For safety reasons, only courts 1, 3, 4 and 6 can currently be booked hourly.

The terms of use of the Tennis Facility Professor-Pirlet-Straße have been adapted to the circumstances of the Corona crisis. The currently valid Terms of Use of the Tennis Facility for the Interim Program are to be followed.

Special Participation Requirements

Coming – Playing – Going

Access to the booked tennis court is only permitted for people with a valid single-date booking during and 5 minutes before and after the booked slot.

Two people per court

A court may only be played by two players in single, doubles are not allowed.

Maintain minimum distance

  • A minimum distance 3.5 meters must be maintained between active players at all times.
  • You cannot step closer than 1.5 meters to the net. The sight markings parallel to the net cannot be crossed.
  • No change of sides
  • Tennis equipment must be placed down separately to one’s partner. There are chairs available for each person at the edge of the court at a sufficient distance.

Entrance and Exit

There is a separate entrance and exit for each court. Players must arrive at the court on their own and leave again on their own. A minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained at all times.

An exact route description can be viewed on the sketch depicted above.


Tennis Shoe Requirement!

Tennis shoes with herringbone pattern soles are required to play on the clay courts of the Professor-Pirlet-Straße Tennis facility! Please note that in order to maintain the playability of the tennis surface, staff are instructed to keep an eye on adherence to the footwear requirements and that violations can lead to barring from further use of the facility. In case of violation fees will not be refunded!

Balls and Racquets

You must bring your own balls and racquet.

Bring a Towel

You must bring your own towel for use as a sitting surface or to wipe off sweat.