Interim Outdoor Program

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The HSZ has put together a program adapted to the circumstances of the Coronavirus crisis. Our limited temporary program takes place outdoors, without contact and under special safety measures.



The interim outdoor program consists of offers that can be carried out outdoors without contact or the joint use of sports equipment.
Each offer forms a closed unit of 60 minutes.
Courses in the conventional sense with consecutive content over several sessions is not possible due to the possibility of weather dependent cancellations.

The program in a Weekly Overview.

Target Group

Due its limited capacity, the program is aimed exclusively at students and staff. For the time of the limited sports program, guests are no permitted to participate.

Participation Requirements and Registration

Participation is only permitted for registered people with access-authorization, who follow the listed rules of conduct (Anker). The access-authorization (Students: Bluecard or student ID with photograph, Employees: Booking confirmation + Photo ID) will be checked by HSZ staff members at the checkpoint (wooden hut at the beach sport facility).
Registration is always offered in the form of single-date booking.
Booking for each offer is always opened 20 hours before the start of the offer.

Safety Measures and Organization

Contact between participants is not permitted at any time. Measures are being taken so that a minimum distance of 3.5 meters during sport and 1.5 meters outside sporting activity can always be maintained.
Access to the sports facilities used for the offers is only possible over a fixed and controlled entrance and exit. The access-ban remains in effect for all other sports facilities and is communicated on site accordingly with notices. Changing rooms and showers remain shut. Toilet access is limited.

Rules of Conduct Interim Program Corona

Adherence to the Corona Rules of Conduct is compulsory for all participants of the interim program.