Cancellations and Changes




University Sports in Aachen offers over 600 courses. Unfortunately there are sometimes unexpected cancellations and planned sports facility closures. When a course is cancelled the HSZ will hang a notice at the respective sports facility and publish a warning on its website under Cancellations and Closures.


Notification via Mailing List

If you would like to be notified via email about University Sports course cancellations and facility closures, enter your email in one or more of the following mailing lists:

Tennisanlage Professor-Pirlet-Straße

Außensportanlagen Königshügel – Allwetterplatz, Beachsportanlage, Outdoor Fitnessanlage, Soccerbox, Naturrasenplatz

Sporthallenkomplex Königshügel

Sporthallenkomplex Ahornstraße

Sporthalle Eckertweg

Please note, that deregistration from the respective mailing lists is carried out through a link found in all emails sent to you via the list.