Program and Booking Structure for University Sports in Aachen

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Obligatory Registration

The sports offers of the University Sports Center (HSZ) generally require prior registration. Booking takes place online via the HSZ website.


Pricing Structure

Depending on type and time, courses offered by the University Sports Center can be either free or subject to a fee. Information regarding financing of University Sports in Aachen.
The offer types Meet Up, Open Play, Open Mat as well as Fitness with Music are free of charge if they begin during SecondaryTime. All other offers are subject to a fee.

Specific prices for the individual offers can be found on the corresponding booking pages of the sports offers.

If an offer requires payment, it will be charged via direct debit at the end of the booking process.


Offer Types

The sports and activity program of the HSZ includes a wide variety of different offers.
By and large we differentiate between instructed courses and other offers, like for example: meet-up, open play or open mat. The following table compares the characteristics of the different forms of offers.


Meet up / Open Play / Open Mat

Facility Rental

Class / Coaching / Training / Choreographies with progressing content and/or course goals.

No instructed courses and no successive training content

No instruction

Always supervised by a course instructor

Supervised as well as unsupervised offers


Generally divided into different performance levels

No division into levels

Generally subject to a fee

Exception: Fitness with Music is free of charge in SecondaryTime, but requires registration.

Free of charge in the Second Time(verlinkt mit Erklärung)

Subject to a fee in Prime Time(verlinkt mit Erklärung)

Generally subject to a fee


Course Times

Prime Time

We define Prime Time as the time period with particularly high demand. It stretches over the following times:

Monday to Thursday Offer start between 5pm and 9:30pm

Friday Offer start between 5pm and 8:30pm

Offers taking place during Prime Time are generally subject to a fee.

Secondary Time

Second Time is defined as the times with lower demand. It stretches over the following times:

Monday to Thursday Offer start before 5pm or after 10pm

Friday Offer start before 5pm or after 9pm

Saturday and Sunday all day

Secondary Time includes courses that are free of charge as well as those subject to a fee.


Operating Period of the University Sports Program

The operating period of the University Sports program is oriented along the semester times and therefore stretches over roughly half a year, whereby the program is adjusted to the summer and winter semesters.

The running period of each semester is split in to two course periods. Both course periods are of equal length and last about 12 to 13 weeks.


Booking Options – Courses, Meet Up, Open Play, Open Mat

A variety of booking option is available for the various offer types.
Booking is generally performed for all dates in the corresponding course period.

Certain offers can only be booked for a single date at a time.

Some courses also offer both options during booking - to book all dates or just a single date. For these offers the two booking options are labelled "Alle Termine", All Dates, and "Ein Termin", Single Date.

The ability to book single dates is only possible for courses with excessive demand, controlled admission and suitable content.
Despite the significant additional outlay required, this arrangement allows us to meet the wishes of participants for maximum flexibility and spontaneity.

Special Arrangements - Card

Special provisions apply to the offer Fitness with Music. A card is required and bookable. With the card, participants have access to all Fitness with Music dates. Further information can be found on the Fitness with Music page.


Booking Options – Sports Facilities

For the use of sports facilities, further booking options are available. These are detailed on the corresponding sport or sports facility page.


Registration Start October 2, 2018

Registration for offers in the first course period always starts on the tuesday of the week before the start of lectures at RWTH Aachen Unversity.
For the program of the second course period, registration starts roughly two weeks prior to the start of the offer in the winter semester and roughly 5 weeks in advance in the summer semester.
The exact date of the start of registration will be communicated in advance online and by email.

The offers of the University Sports Center are in high demand.
In order not to overload the computer systems and enable a smooth registration process, the registration start times for the various programs of the University Sports Center are staggered and split into three different start times.

From 4pm All offers except game sports and fitness are unlocked

From 4:30pm All game sports offers are unlocked

From 5pm All fitness offers are unlocked