NRW State Conference for University Sports


The NRW State Conference for University Sports, LK NRW for short, is the statewide representative for university sports institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia. It represents the sports interests of almost 500,000 students. Twelve universities have come together to form a cooperation in the areas of continuing and further education within the framework of the LK NRW. The university sports trips offer an outstanding mix of sports, recreation, and getting to know students from other universities.

Central Responsibilities of the LK NRW

  • Represent university and sport-political interests
  • Continuing and further education and joint concept developments
  • Joint statewide events
  • Public image of university sports in NRW
  • Identification and and handling of topics of focus; currently health promotion and promotion of high-performance sports

Exchange Among Universities at LK NRW Events

The LK NRW annually holds multiple events with the objective of bringing universities in NRW closer together. Through the LK NRW events students from different universities in NRW meet each other and universities share with each other. The RWTH Aachen University Sports Center participates with its own teams in numerous events such as the NRW Uni Ice Hockey Cop. The LK NRW events also include the NRW Unilauf Cup. The RWTH Aachen HSZ traditionally holds the finale of this running series. You can find more information about the Cup on the NRW Unilauf Cup webpages.